jerslin power oil


Jerslin Power Oil
- Contains extract of leech, Habatus Seed and selected herbs.
- There are no side effects.
- Safe for all ages, pregnant women & babies.

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all in one aromatic oil suitable for all adults and children.Assist and protect the internal organs, reducing joint pain / knee, treating skin and skin burns, regulate body temperature, increased radiance facial, skin, broken legs, relieve menstrual cramps, anti-aging, reduce the problem of pigmentation / acne, to firm breasts , stabilize horman, closer intercourse ... JERSLIN POWER OIL able to treat many diseases such as:

* Gastritis * Sinus * High fever/Excessive body temperature
* Headache/Migraine * Asthma/Short breath * Kidney disease
* Constipation/Diarrhea/Hemorrhoids * Diabetes * Hypertension
* Vaginal infection * Joint pain/Swollen knee/Gout * Impotent/Low sex drive
* Bloated stomach * Breathing difficulty * Cold, cough, stuff nose
* High or low blood pressure * Difficult to conceive * Mild pain in bones
jerslin power oil
* Tumor/Cancer/Lumps * High cholesterol * Difficulty to fall asleep/Insomnia
* Coldness of feet and hands * Catching cold easily * Gonorrhea
* Irregular menstrual cycles * Colon disease * Menstrual cramp
*Muscle spasm * Paralysis/Stroke * Hands/Feet trembling/Shivering



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jerslin power oil
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